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Transfer Aid - Standard - TergoGlide

by Tergo



Ergonomic transfer, repositioning and incontinence device.


TergoGlide is an ergonomic transfer device developed in Finland by MediMattress Ltd, a member of the Carital Group. TergoGlide has been specifically designed to aid in transfers and repositioning of dependent or immobile patient under 200kg. The device is also an integral absorbent incontinence pad making it an economical three-in-one device.

TergoGlide saves nurse’s time and offers an economical and cost effective solution compared to the purchase and use of separate transfer and care products. Most importantly and when correctly used, TergoGlide substantially reduces the physical loads associated with patient moving and handling, helping to alleviate the risk of occupational injuries to caregivers.

The TergoGlide facilitates easy transfers and repositioning of heavier patients (up to 200kg) and allows nursing staff to work more efficiently because the device is always in position. TergoGlide is also perfect for any caregiver working alone, enabling them to transfer and reposition their patient with ease. This makes caring for an immobile or bedridden patient easier for one person.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Economical 3 in 1 device (transfer, repositioning and incontinence)
  • Independent repositioning made easy
  • Decrease the risk of causing pressure injuries or trauma during patient transfer
  • Reduces risk of shear and friction when transferring a patient
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • Safe, comfortable and secure for the patient
  • Machine washable according to instructions