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Limb Lifter - Single Patient Use

by Haines




SallySling Limb Lifter Single Patient Use

Ideal for use with a lift to support patient limbssallysling_leglifter2

What is the SallySling® Limb Lifter? 
With built-in foam padding to improve patient comfort and provide extra support, Haines SallySling Single Patient Use – Limb Lifter is ideal for use with a lifter to support patient limbs. Given that legs can account for 20% of a patients weight, a Leg Lifter can reduce the lifting required by staff. It is designed for use on one patient during their stay and should not be redistributed to other patients.

Staff commonly use the Limb Lifter for:

  • Examinations
  • Plastering  
  • Replacing dressings
  • Keeping limbs elevated
  • Bariatric patients 

They are most often used as a replacement for Reusable Straps and Leg Lifter Slings:

  • In high infection risk areas where the stitching presents a risk
  • In areas where reusables are frequently soiled such as plastering
  • Where wash costs and lead times are high
  • To reduce high initial capital expenditures where budgets don’t allow for it

Single Patient Use Limb Lifter Single Patient Use Limb Lifter - Wide