Pants - High Waist

by Post Op Panty




Hysterectomy Scar & Tummy Operation Recovery

Feel better faster with Post Op Panty! Post-Op Panty is the only post-operative recovery panty with anatomic compression plus FDA-approved medical grade silicone. Post-Op Panty helps speed hysterectomy recovery by providing anatomic compression over the incision to reduce abdominal swelling and increase comfort. Post-Op Panty also reduces scarring with its patented medical grade silicone panel over the incision. Pull on and go professional scar care. No messy gels or creams needed. Silicone panel covers horizontal abdominal incision to help speed healing and reduce scarring Soothes and reduces redness, itching and burning of incision. Anatomic compression to reduce swelling and tenderness. High cut, fluted non-elastic waistband will not cut into tender tummy. Full abdominal support and slimming. Perfect right after surgery when you want full abdominal support and professional scar care.

Available in Nude (Beige) or Black 


C- Section Recovery Slimming Panty

The C-Panty High Waist panty is a complete recovery solution - no more scar creams, hospital panties, belly wraps or binders. C-Panty helps speed recovery and reduces scarring with its patented medical grade silicone panel inside the panty and customized compression to slim the post baby belly. Heal faster - Patented interior silicone panel gives you professional incision care to minimize scarring and helps protect the delicate incision area. It also reduces itchiness, redness and restores skin to more natural texture. Care for baby in comfort - Gentle compression supports weakened muscles and makes moving around after surgery easier and more comfortable. Convenient, pull on and go recovery panty for maximum comfort. Slim down and shape up - C-Panty supports and slims even after you've recovered. It also helps flatten the c-section shelf under clothing. Just pull on and go until you are back to your pre-baby self! Designed exclusively for c-sections and #1 recommended by OB/GYN's to speed recovery and reduce the appearance of your scar.


Fabric content: 92% nylon, 8% spandex. Machine washable delicate, line dry. Made in USA.*READ PACKAGE INSTRUCTIONS. LIKE ANY POST-OP CARE, GRADUAL USE MAY BE REQUIRED TO INCREASE TOLERATION.