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Pillow - Sleepezy 3 Zone - Adjustable Pillow

by Thera-med



Sleepezy 3 Zone Pillow - Features three independently adjustable comfort zones for you to create the pillow to perfectly suit your physique and sleeping position. You change the height, shape and density it's that simple.

Size : Length: 56cm Width: 38cm Height: approx 12cm and 11cm


Super-soft …yet wonderfully supportive …and cosmetically kind.   SleepEzy’s patented pressure-diffusing and adjustable central ‘soft-zone’ chamber cradles the head and helps minimise compression to sensitive facial skin. And great also for eliminating ear crush!

SleepEzy's three comfort chambers are intentionally overfilled to allow you to delete filling to suit your comfort needs.

Cross section of SleepEzy pillow (right) shows the three internal chambers which you access individually and adjust or lower to suit your comfort needs. Delete filling in any or all of the three chambers to achieve your optimum comfort needs. The inner ‘curtains’ also serve to prevent the ‘bunching up’ affect which can occur in traditional pillows.

Sleepezy Features

  • Provides anatomically correct support for your head and neck
  • Keeps spine correctly aligned while side sleeping. (Improves posture)
  • Infinite adjustment for optimum comfort
  • High-grade polyfill fibre. Non-temperature sensitive. Softness not affected by room temperature
  • Designed with a high and a low side, you choose the most supportive and comfortable
  • Fits any standard pillowcase
  • May reduce neck, head, and back pain.
  • May also help minimise light snoring.

Pillow Construction

Cross section of Sleepezy contour pillow shows the inner 'wall' which separates the two chambers and prevents the 'bunching-up' effect which occurs in traditional fibre-filled, single-chamber pillows.

Natural spinal alignment

Sleepezy's mild contour conforms to the body's shape by naturally compressing to form a gently depression for the head and neck ... a desirable nestling effect that ensures maintenance of the spine's natural curvature during sleep. Natural spinal alignment is maintained ... making for more relaxed sleep and improved breathing patterns.

We recommend the use of the Naturelle Pillow Protector in a medium size for your Sleepezy Pillow. It will help to further improve the life span and performance of your pillow.

Adjusting your Sleepezy pillow

The height and softness of this pillow depends upon the amount of filling it contains. Sleepezy is intentionally over-filled to allow you to create a lower pillow if desired.

Zip access allows you to access contents and infinitely adjust from one chamber to the other, or delete and store for later re-plumping.

Prior to use remove 2 or 3 handfulls of filling. Store this extra filling in a plastic bag so you can adjust the pillow's height and 'feel' later if needed.

SleepEzy Helpful hints

First choose the side that suits your comfort needs. Then, to ensure full neck extension during sleep, simply delete some of the filling on the far side chamber.  This frees up the head for a posturally desirable alignment solution. (Thera-med label denotes high side of the SleepEzy).  Please note: Any pillow with use will form a groove under load areas such as the neck and