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Tiny Tots Safety Kit

by St John's



This easy-to-carry kit for babies and toddlers contains useful contents allowing parents to monitor temperatures, treat minor scratches and to manage unexpected accidents on the go.

Size:  265 x 185 x 90mm



2 x St John Bandage Conforming 5cm
1 x St John Bandage Triangular 110cm
1 x St John Cold Pack Instant
2 x St John Dressing Non-Adherent 5cm x 5cm
1 x St John Dressing Wound No. 13
1 x St John Strips Cartoon Adhesive Plastic 10s
2 x St John Swabs Gauze 7.5cm x 7.5cm 5s
1 x Forceps Sharp Stainless Steel 12.5cm
2 x Probes Splinter 5s
2 x Sachet Itch Relief 1g 2 Saline Eye and Wound Irrigation 15mL
1 x Scissors Sharp-Blunt Stainless Steel 12.5cm
10x Wipes Nappy In Air tight Container
1 x St John First Aid Quick Reference Guide
1 x St John Kid’s First Aid Action Plan
2 x Wipes Antiseptic
5 x Bags Nappy Plastic
1 x St John Instruction Card CPR
1 x Nail Cutters Baby
1 x Thermometer Digital

*Contents subject to change