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Shaving Cream 70g - Vicco

by Melrose




 Vicco multipurpose cream (shaving cream) comes in 70 grams in form of paste

A Turmeric based herbal Multipurpose Cream specially for a hassle free shave !

Vicco Turmeric Multipurpose Cream produces a rich moisturizing foam for a close and more comfortable shave. The antiseptic property of TURMERIC helps to heal cuts and nicks and the Sandalwood Oil content in it provides a soothing effect. You need not apply any kind of after shave creams, lotions or powders. It also serves the purpose of a beard softening cream. It has good wetting properties. Its good lubricating quality gives superior gliding action resulting in an easy and clean shave.
SANDALWOOD OIL provides a refreshing and cooling effect on the skin and also nourishes it. It improves the natural health of the skin, adding luster to the complexion. Vicco Turmeric Multipurpose Cream can also used as a face-wash.
The use of Vicco Turmeric Multipurpose Cream will be a great refreshing experience.
Vicco Turmeric Multipurpose Cream is available in two varieties; one with Sandalwood Oil and the other without Sandalwood Oil.