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Reacher Akitv

by Etac





Aktiv reachers are light and have ergonomically designed handles to make reaching and gripping easier.

The jaws open wide but still grab the smallest item.

They are available in a number of models to suit various requirements. All models have a magnet in the handle to help pick up metallic objects. The jaws of the reacher can be set in two positions. This means that the reacher can be used both horizontally and vertically without having to turn the arm. The handle is slightly angled and only requires a small hand grip to manoeuvre. This utilises the strength in the hand and provides an effective grip. The entire gripping surface of the jaws is coated with hard-wearing rubber increasing grip-ability and reducing the amount of strength required.

Length 60 cm 23½”

Weight retail packaging 139 g 

Lifting Capacity The reachers should not be used to lift loads in excess of 2 kg