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Matting Non-Slip 300 x 1000mm - Better Living

by BetterLiving



BetterLiving Non-Slip Matting

Non-slip material prevents unwanted movement or slippage on all smooth surfaces, while also protecting against scratches. The original anti-slip PVC mesh for use in the home, car, boat or caravan. A slightly spongy texture which can be used under trays, crafts, crockery, food preparation boards and floor mats to prevent objects slipping. Also used to improve grip when opening jars and bottles. Consists of a polyester fabric coated with a permanent anti slip, polyvinyl. The matting can be cut to any size using standard scissors. The durable material will not fray and can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or placed in the washing machine. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors in a wide range of situations, including:

› place mat on tables, trays or overbed tables

› under floor mat, rugs or carpets

› shelf or drawer liners in drawers or cupboards › prevent cushions from sliding off a couch, chair or wheelchair

› under glasses, computer monitors, televisions or telephones

› prevent movement when using kitchen utensils such as cutting boards or mixing bowls

› improve grip when opening jars or bottles

Size: 1000 x 300 mm

Material: PVC

Colour: White

Weight: 110 g

Warranty: 1 year