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Seat Warmer - 12V Auto Seat Cover




Name: polyester fabric heating cushion 
 Color: Black 
 For the season: autumn and winter 
 Material: Chemical Fiber, polyester cloth 
 Products: single seat in the front row 
 Product Weight: about 442 g 
 Cleaning method: wipe wipes 

Function: General 12V voltage 
 A switch with high and low, cigarette lighter plug 
 High / Low temperature setting 
 45W / 35W, 30 ° to 65 ° automatic temperature control 
 Has passed CE; ROHS, and other certification 

Car heating cushion instructions: 

1. After receiving the goods, the first heating seat installed in the seat! Backrest elastic band tied! Hooks are fixed so there is no obvious shift phenomenon! (If there is no fixed sitting to shift, then easy to seat inside the heating wire wear, resulting in not hot! 
 Heating cushion should be placed on top of the use! Is placed on top of all seat covers! Is a direct contact with the human body! 

2. Before using the heating cushion,ensure both sides of the 12v plug are in a curved arc, if it is not obvious or flat pressure, then it is necessary to slightly pry arc point before you can continue to insert the cigarette lighter port to use! Remember! (Because if the flat iron pressure is not adjusted into the cigarette lighter port, cigarette lighter plug will cause bad contact, resulting in fever, causing the plug burning phenomenon! Cushion can not be used !!) 

3. Check, plug the cigarette lighter into the mouth, the person must sit on top of the heating pad, then the switch that first hit high-grade HI file, so 2-3 minutes after the heating temperature, you can then switch to low-grade LO files! If you have been the name of high-grade, to a certain temperature of 60 degrees or so it will automatically power off! Less than 30 degrees, will re-open! This is inside the temperature control! Warm and warm, promote blood circulation! 

4. Do not use the heating pad for more than 30 minutes before starting the car! If you do not use the heating pad off, please turn off the switch, the cigarette lighter plug out! . 

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