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Bed Ladder - Strap

by Patient Handling



This bed ladder strap helps in assisting patients to sit up independently. It is commonly used as a safe and economical alternative to monkey bars. It also has a strong band of webbing with 4 handholds along its length.  All loops are attached to the main webbing ith rectangular and diagonal stitching.  All ends are sewn under to present a smooth, comfortable handling surface.

Fitting the bed ladder strap is simple - just lay the Bed Ladder Strap on the bed with the pulling loop towards the patient and wrap the foot end around the end of the bed frame a few times and then 'lassoe' in position. Alternatively, the strap can be wrapped around one of the bed legs and left slightly diagonally on the bed.


Length: 186cm

Width: 3.5cm

Loop Circumference: 28cm

Machine Washable: Up to 80 degrees celsius

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